BS mixbeats

live remixes with virtual dj program mixed ,without headphones.. (that’s why it isn’t perfect) home made in the Netherlands, best sound results are with headphones on!

just playing….
A cartes mega moombathon mix by dj beatniks
chance it back (dj beatniks)
battle beat 3.0 dj beatniks
battle beat 2.0 dj beatniks
dutchcap battle beat 1.0 dj beatniks
burning up the place vs bam bam riddem (dje Beatniks remix)
jsyk soupandreas vs duvelduvel (dje Beatniks remix)
alan watts don’t do it vs adman is brahman (dje Beatniks trap remix)
Kleine jay vs cartes dutchcap freestyle
Just playing live with nexus 3 , the best part is at the end
cor techno
zo moeilijk vs kaas
cor jungle drum and bass remix
duvel duvel ekte liefde
just playing 4 september 2021
skip the bad parts
Live remix liquid drum & bass dutch hiphop remix (dje BeatNiks)
spicy saus (dje beatniks)
Total chaos – dje Beatniks
Steen – bicycle chain remix ( dje beatniks)
live remix 1 hour (pick out the good parts) don’t wanna be the perfect beat creator just play with it! (dje beatniks)
2 pac do or die fake news
dit is nederland – steen battle remix
jeweetzeluf jaman


i am a shitty crap ass virtual dj , so don’t hate on my fucked up mixtapes lol! it’s about the fucking message, when nobody is listening about the spoken words! then humanity is lost in hiss own head , and fucked up thinking…. that’s the doomsday of humanity around the fucking world, so get your MRNA shot and, transform your self in to zombies of the new world order, its al in your own hands, not in my godhead creations of thoughts. And truth thinking about this garbage Pail Kids society 4.0.

live freestyle mixbeat – drum machine godhead (just find the good parts)
fit in or fuck off
enjoy the remix
freestyle crap 0.9 garbage pail kids beat 16-08-2021
freestyle crap 1.0 garbage pail kids beat 16-08-2021
freestyle crap 1.1 garbage pail kids 16-08-2021
freestyle crap 1.2 garbage pail kids 17-08-2021
crappy mixbeat….garbage pail kids creation
para beat
default on the block
dirty cash dutch cap battle
Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash (Money Talks) freestyle live mix
Nas – Nobody feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill remix